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I really enjoyed this. My one thing is that the controls were a bit slippery- it's annoyingly easy to be running and jumping around and then slide of a platform. The animations are pleasantly simple and fit the art style, I feel, and the soundtrack also really seems to make sense for some reason. I love how the mechanic of the different platforms crumbling or disintegrating until recharged fits in both to make it a challenge to find the components (objects?) you need, but also can work to help you. Was a lot of fun to play, please continue working on it and improving upon it! :D

I have no idea what to do with the x on the static like screen. The rest of the game was great though.

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This was a great game. I felt like the jump cuttoff was a little too aggressive when running off a platform, but maybe thats just me. (I felt like I would often run off the platform and not get the jump in)

Looking forward to seeing the rest