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I thought I was getting your C3 file  but it was just an art pack.  Ive followed your tutorial step by step and watched it 3 times but for the life of me I cant get it to work-  my enemy just stands there in the idle state.  

It is beautiful artwork but I have no use for it-  I just need to get this working in my game :P any advice?

well. it works. i dont know how else to help you.


Ive since figured it out- and your art pack is awesome-  I just dont think I will use it.  Maybe it will come in handy one day- I am happy to support you at least a little for the help figuring out AI.  I dont remember exactly how I fixed this but I got it working in my project to use the same AI with more enemies utilizing the same code.

Hello Haddy22 I have the same issue now!

Is posible to know if you fixed the error?

Delete the state ≠ atk thing, srry for to answering you after 2 years